Welcome to Ellenkay Gold Pty Ltd, a privately funded mineral exploration company focussing its resources in Queensland, Australia. The exploration industry in Australia is moving into a phase that provides those entrepreneurial companies that have a ‘counter cyclic’ view with some unprecedented opportunities. During the last 10 years’ demand for mineral exploration ground has been at a premium. Particularly through the ‘super cycle’ of commodity pricing driven by Chinese demand. During this period junior mineral exploration companies through to the largest mining companies expended huge amounts of financial and human resources in exploring for minerals in Australia. In recent years, mineral commodity prices have fallen dramatically. The major and mid-tier mining companies now have heavily curtailed their exploration budgets. Junior mineral exploration companies are struggling to find additional funding to support their exploration activities. Collectively, they are either rationalizing their exploration activities or are moving to other industries like information technology.

The opportunity that is emerging is the large amount of good exploration ground that is becoming available during the minerals industry down turn. Companies are being forced to relinquish their ground due to a lack of funding availability. Key to this is- a lot of the relinquished exploration ground has had the initial high risk exploration completed on it. Ellenkay Gold is focussed on acquiring exploration ground where previous exploration companies have done the initial high risk work and achieved encouraging results. This initial work will increase Ellenkay Gold’s probability of success by allowing it to better assess the potential of the exploration opportunity.

Ellenkay Gold is driven by a counter cyclic approach to minerals exploration. It plans to position itself well for a mineral commodity upswing by 2018. Ellenkay Gold’s intention is to have a portfolio of well-developed exploration assets ready for IPO by then.