Opportunities in M&A, Requires Realistic Expectations

Currently with the down turn in commodity pricing the Directors of Ellenkay Gold has been retained by some mining and exploration companies to assist them identify and review mineral deposits for potential mergers and acquisitions. After reviewing several projects we would like to make these observations.

The first observation is that generally a lot of early stage projects don’t spend enough resources in clearly understanding the potential of their ore bodies. Geological modelling is very optimistic and continuity of the ore body is often a major assumption that remains untested. Continue reading “Opportunities in M&A, Requires Realistic Expectations”

Developing a Minerals Projects- What Are the Reports Used to Get There

In the past 12 months the Directors of Ellenkay Gold, have assisted a number of clients with a variety of studies related to mineral projects that are in various stages along the development path to production. The type of reports he has been involved in, include the following.

One of the key types of studies done during the life of a mineral project is a Competent Person’s Report (CPR). This report is prepared to a defined standard like the JORC code and the author of the report is recognized under the code as being a Competent Person. Continue reading “Developing a Minerals Projects- What Are the Reports Used to Get There”